Lifting and placing portable buildings for a West London school was the request. This was one of the more unusual lifting challenges for our Hiab lorry. Careful planning and the skilled movement and placing of the buildings meant we were able to complete the task with minimum disruption to the school and its grounds.

The portable buildings, known as Armadilla because of their distinctive shape, had to be moved from one location to another within the school site.

The rooms provide extra teaching space at the school. They were chosen for their stylish appearance which the school felt was more in keeping with the style of the buildings and grounds. Their main use will be as music practice rooms

We worked with the school to make sure that we supplied the right Hiab lorry for lifting. There were some very tight access points at the customer premises. Being able to manoeuvre the Hiab lorry through those restricted driveways meant that we were able to lift from the existing location and move them close to the new prepared base.

The restrictions at the site meant we need ed to use a low load trailer pulled by a 4×4 . We loaded  the Armadilla’s onto the trailer and then off loaded close to the final location. The whole project  involved co-ordinating with the groundwork company who were preparing the bases for the Armadilla buildings.

It also meant that no special permissions were required when loading or transporting, again ensuring the very best value for money.