Our Hiab truck lifting an engine from a cruise ship lifeboat. The ship was docked at Tilbury, London and needed the engine lifted and replaced quickly so that the cruise was not delayed – a ship cannot sail without its full complement of lifeboats.

The requirements for this lift meant our Hiab truck was ideal for the task. Whilst dockyard cranes are used to lifting freight from a ship to shore they are totally unsuitable for working in confined places where a Hiab arm can reach.

The lifeboat was lifted by the ships lifting gear onto the dockside. Once the lifeboat engine had been disconnected it then had to be lifted vertically from the its engine room location and then out through the cabin opening.

Once repaired it then had to be replaced.

This was another example of us meeting tight deadlines and working in tight spaces.

Our experienced operator, working with very small margins of error, made sure that no damage was done to the lifeboat, or to the crew.