Hiab lifting hopperHopper long – Hiab lorry

Another challenge for our Hiab lorry and driver/ operator. The need to be able to work in a tight physical space means a Hiab lorry is an ideal and cost effective solution.

The client needed their new hopper placed in exactly the right place, rather than just being offloaded. There would have been significant risk of damage to this particular piece of equipment if we had merely offloaded; it needed to be properly supported vertically to make sure it would be in full working order once installed.

There was also a requirement to arrive on site at an exact time to fit in with the clients own project schedule.

The narrow access road meant our Hiab truck was an ideal solution. We collected the Hopper from the manufacturer and transported it to site. The Hiab was able to access the narrow roadway, offload and place the Hopper in its required location. We are also used to working with our clients’ site staff and our experienced operator was able to position and hold the Hopper in place while the site staff, working from a cherry picker platform, fixed and connected the Hopper.

This whole job required not only skillful operation of the Hiab but also working alongside other skilled staff to make sure the task was completed safely and on time.