Our Hiab lorry was the ideal solution for transporting and lifting this Crawler Mounted Boom Platform.

The Boom Platform needed to be collected from Basildon and taken into the O2. The Hiab truck was able to load it onto the lorry and transport it into London. It was then able to lift it up to the 2nd floor of the O2. So the Hiab truck was able to complete the whole operation, making it easy to organise and manage.

When using our Hiab lorry we are able to manage the whole challenge of lifting, transporting and unloading, leaving customers to concentrate on other aspects of their job.

The flexibility provided by a Hiab lorry also means we can deal with short notice work. From our experience of site working we know that there are often last minute demands for extra equipment or materials. We also understand the importance of being able to respond quickly to this kind of challenge so that work on a site is not disrupted.

We are able to work to timings specified by customers and site managers and a Hiab lorry does not need any special permissions obtained or road closures to be organised.

We would like to  emphasise our commitment to making life as straightforward as possible for our customers.

Across our fleet of Hiab lorries we can manage lifts up to 10 tons. Depending on the load, we have a reach capability of up to 16.8 metres. We will work with you to organise the most appropriate lift and reach for your job, taking into account not only the weight of the lift, but also the reach required for the offloading or placement.