It was  a night out for our Hiab lorry. We had the task of removing some large glass panels  from a shop front in Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, Broadstairs.

There were two challenges which meant that a Hiab lorry was the best solution for this job. The obvious one was the difficulty of reaching underneath a canopy. The Hiab lorry is able to reach from the road right up to the shop front, and most importantly does not need much headroom in order to do so.

The second challenge was to carry out the job without interrupting the shop opening hours. Because using a Hiab lorry doesn’t require any special permissions from Highway authorities, we were able to arrive at the pre-arranged time, carry out the job and transport the galls panel away. A true logistics service for a very satisfied customer.

The job was also an example of the geographic coverage we offer, with the customer in London, the job itself in the South East whilst we are based in Essex.