Our Hiab truck loves a day out! Moving a traditional British beach hut was an ideal job for our Hiab truckIMG_0146. The ability of our Hiab trucks to operate in challenging situations, together with our experienced driver/ operator, made it an obvious choice for the careful removal of the old beach hut and its replacement with a new one.

We worked closely with the client’s own construction team to place the new hut in exactly the right position on the prepared base supports. We were also able to time the operation to avoid any unnecessary disruption to traffic or to the public.

The operation was doubly challenging, because the old beach hut was in very poor condition. So, we had to organise the lift very carefully to avoid the hut breaking up during the lift. On the other hand, the replacement hut was brand new, and the owner wanted it to be placed without any scratches or other damage, inside or out. Our highly experienced operator was able to achieve both of these tasks to make sure the beach hut owner was completely satisfied.

So, one new beach hut, one happy owner, one smarter sea front, and all ready for another blazing hot British summer.