Machinery Removal & Installation

Our Hiab trucks are ideal for collecting and machinery removal and installation from one site to another.

Hughes Lifting Services can provide a complete decommissioning and fitting service for most types of machinery such as boilers and air-conditioning units as well as manufacturing machinery.

We provide a full logistics service for all types of plant and machinery. Typically we will collect a new or refurbished piece of plant or machinery from the manufacturer and deliver and lift into position at the construction site or factory. Often we will remove a decommissioned item from site and return it to the manufacturer for repair or refurbishment.

We have carried out this type of work for removal and replacement of air conditioning units, manufacturing machinery, generators and electrical motors and equipment for large buildings.

We are used to working with customers and site managers to make sure our arrival and delivery times fit in with the relevant stage of work on site. We are aware of how ‘things can go wrong’ on a site and we try to offer as flexible a service as possible to help everyone get the job done.

The advantages of a Hiab truck are that it is able to both transport and lift with no requirement for street closure or special permissions at the site. This means we manage the whole process without the need to organise a separate crane, making organisation and management of the process very straightforward.

We operate across London, the South East, Essex and the UK.

Machinery Removal and Installation - Olympic Park Generator
Machinery Removal and Installation - Air Con unit
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