Hiab Truck London, South East, Essex

We are a family business operating a small fleet of Hiab trucks in Essex. We are based in Grays but operate across London, South East, Essex and the UK and are able to handle a wide range of lifting and transport needs. Our Hiab trucks, or truck with a crane, offer a lift of up to 10 tons with a reach of up to 16.8 metres.

Sometimes described as a mobile crane, the significant advantage of a Hiab truck is that it can both transport and lift your products, whereas a mobile crane can only lift. A mobile crane will also generally require specific permission to operate, including formal street closure which can often be very time consuming. Closing a street for a crane needs considerable notice and this is often a luxury that is not available in the construction industry.

Another major advantage of a hiab truck is that it can both transport and lift your products. Typically we will collect from a manufacturer and deliver to a construction site. We are used to fitting in with site delivery times too. In effect we provide a full logistics service.

Hiab Lorry from Hughes Lifting Services

Hughes Lifting Services are based in Grays, Essex. We are happy to discuss your specific transport and lifting needs. We obviously have to take into account the weight of the lift and the reach required to make sure that we allocate the appropriate Hiab truck for each lift.

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